The main objective of the Municipal Services Association (MSA), consisting of Consulting Engineers, Manufacturers, Agents, Distributors, Contractors, and Media, is unchanged since its inception in 1946; that is to support the Annual Public Works Association of BC’s (PWABC) Fall Conference usually held in September.

The Municipal Services Association sponsors municipalities from areas that may not be able to send their employees due to cost restraints to the conference. The MSA is able to fund this through the Membership fees which are used to cover the expense of this sponsorship, as well as hosting the MSA dinner & reception, and providing prizes for the PWABC’s trade show and golf tournament.

The Primary reason for the success of the Municipal Services Association Group and for the excellent relationship that the MSA has with the membership of the PWABC is the low‐key approach in supporting the Annual Conference.

Membership in the MSA enables you to meet a wide range of people who are active in municipal government and the various product and service related industries. Please read the Code of Ethics, which governs advertising and entertainment activities while attending the PWABC Conference and note that the “regulations are rigidly enforced”.

We now have approximately thirty company memberships whose names appear at the trade show as members of the MSA and prominently at the MSA night reception, and PWABC Golf Tournament. We welcome your membership and your efforts to encourage other companies in related fields to join the MSA.

MSA membership is encouraged for all Consulting Engineers, Manufacturers, Agents, Distributors, Contractors, and Media that attend the Annual Public Works Association Conference and/or Trade equipment Show.

Current annual membership dues are $300, plus $110 for each person attending the MSA night dinner and reception.

The PWABC conference registration fee is NOT included in the MSA membership fee. The conference registration fee is set each year the PWABC.


Date of Revision: 2015